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Must-have tool for any Vue.js developer

Vue Telescope can detect any website built with Vue.js frameworks, like Nuxt, Gridsome, Quasar or VuePress. It can also tell you which UI/CSS framework was used: TailwindCSS, Vuetify, Buefy etc. And much more!

Free To Use

Made for the Vue community by the Vue community! Join other Vue.js devs and explore websites for free.

Browser Extension

With the Vue Telescope Browser extension available for both Firefox and Chrome you can see information about the website without leaving the page! Just by clicking on the extention icon and you will see what framework the page is using, what UI/CSS library and so much more.

Open Source

Vue Telescope is open source which means anyone can contribute as well as add new plugins.

Respect Privacy

We highly respect your privacy and we don't collect any personal data.

Huge Database

Wonder what other sites are using Vue.js and it's ecosystem? You can use our database, that already has 183170 websites and counting!

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